• Nagma
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    Senior Reviewer

    In my view, Emma Thompson steals the show. Tom Hanks is definitely realistic as Mr. Walt Disney but Emma is the showstopper.
    Mary Poppins is a novel very very close to her heart and she does not believe that it would ever be possible to bring the story to life on the silver screen.
    Mr. Disney (Tom Hanks) makes every possible effort to convince Emma (the writer) to give the copyright and also help his team create a movie (based on the novel) as she would want it to be.
    Movie goes through the entire journey that Emma takes in her life especially her attachment with her father which keeps flashing on and off as memories on her mind.
    There is a gradual transformation in her character and makes the movie worth a watch!
    If you are an emotional soul, then you should definitely watch this Disney movie.

    November 30, 14