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    Tejas Nair
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    Things travel at the speed of light in Ratnaa Sinha's debut film, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, a romantic drama that daringly goes haywire in the second half. The chemistry between the talented Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda, at her shimmering best, is palpable, but it is the revenge elements in the second half that is unbearable. In addition to lack of logic or credibility in the plot, director Sinha makes her characters do ugly things just because she wants the whole shindig to look intense. Of course, the sequences are intense enough to put you in a state of numbness, and the story does chafe few stark social issues like dowry and gender discrimination to stay relevant, but all that Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana manages to pull off is an annoying revenge drama that is just too sour to consume. The second half becomes highly annoying as you see one illogical sequence after another to a point of a cringe-worthy climax that will make you puke. The film is a pleasure to watch in the start but once you complete the first 40 minutes, it starts to throw bombs of drivel at you that never stop and does not even address the problem that gave rise to the revenge arc. Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana is like a romantic Hindi TV soap opera (possibly in Life OK channel) whose title does not make sense and the main story involves an inaccessible revenge drama. TN.

    November 12, 17
  • Himanshu pandey
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    Warning::::This review of shadi me jarur aana has full of spoilers ahead😜😜😜😜😜😜::::::
    Sattu(raj kumar Rao) is a govt clerk...aarti(Kriti kharbanda) is a pcs aspirant..meets each other in an arranged marriage setup...likes each other..dahej gets fixed...all set for the d-day..happy go lucky...just on the marriage night,bride gets the news of her selection in pcs as well as her in-laws reservation against her working after marriage...wow...what a coincidence...all hell breaks loose...she decides to run away so that she could give herself the wings to fly...groom arrives..shattered in pieces..full of angst...decides to take revenge ...and no prize for guessing how???............
    He becomes IAS...uff...Aaj pata chala..IAS banne ke lie dil Ka tootna jaroori hai....bekar me log Mukherji Nagar me pade hue hain....pyar karlein,time bhi bachega Aur paisa bhi (pun seriously not intended)...ohk get back to their revenge saga..In the meantime she gets accused in some corruption cases..and as the fate has it..he becomes the investigating officer and then starts Rona dhona,sweet melodrama and as again the fate has it...aakhir me sattu Aur Aarti ki shadi ho jati hai...wow...

    This flick starts on a good note involving dowary and women empowerment but over the course these gets undermined and commercialism takes over the offbeat drama...in first half it gets go nice but post interval it is bevajaha stretched and the essence gets lost in writing...in acting department,each and every actor performs well but raj kumar Rao is outstanding...his transformation from a seedha saada clerk to stern and revengeful IAS is awsom.....having all said,it is still watchable for stellar cast,brilliant acting and feel happy mode..if u are not busy, u can have ur hands on this shadi...

    October 05, 19