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    'Shanghaai' by Dibakar Bannerjee is not the best Hindi film this year, not is it sharp enough to be called the director's best. And yet, it is an experience exhileratingly striking, well-made and hard hitting enough to be worth repeat viewing.
    Dibakar Bannerjee's sharp understanding of the goings-on of Indian democracy is what constitutes Shanghai, his latest. A good film, it is filled with suspenseful performances of Abhay Deol, Imran Khan, Kalki Koechlin and Prosenjit Chatterjee. The beauty of the film lies in its title- it features the name of an Oriental city, but the film actually is full of India, jugaad and logic. It is the most Desi film you will see this year. The film is also the most blazing, burning bold presentation this year, so you know that when you will leave the screens, you will not be left blanked out. It's big 4 stars for 'Shanghai'. Not the best, but as enjoyabke as the one, as I may say looking at the year.

    September 28, 19