• Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
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    Movie: Shivaay (U/A)

    Rating : 4.5/5

    The last time an Ajay Devgn film released on Diwali was SON OF SARDAAR, a complete family entertainer. This time, Ajay Devgn is back after a gap of 4 yrs (in terms of Diwali release) and presents his magnum opus SHIVAAY. I had to struggle a lot to watch it. I got to watch it on first day of its release, the best thing above all. I enjoyed the film thoroughly and I can assure that Ajay Devgn has a winner this time.

    SHIVAAY is an action packed emotional thriller that has an engaging drama too. Directed by Ajay Devgn himself, this film has every single element present in a perfect Diwali entertainer. High on thrilling action and production values, SHIVAAY is the perfect film to watch on Diwali, with family.

    Ajay Devgn rules the screen with his powerful performance. His entry sequence is one of the best sequences of the film. Abigail Eames as his daughter does a good job. Actresses Sayyesha and Erika do their respective parts well, along with the other cast too which leaves a good impact.

    The story and screenplay are both excellent, and the VFX will leave you stunned forever. SHIVAAY got the National Award for Best VFX, and it rightly deserves it. The action sequences are just amazing and like never seen before. All the action scenes are well choreographed and shot, and are the highlight of the film. The cinematography is another major positive point. the music of the film is good. Some sequences are just excellent, like the opening scene and the interval blockade - it was really amongst the best ones ever seen.

    Overall, SHIVAAY is an excellent action entertainer that is likely to win hearts all over. Given the fact that it has impressive action, visual effects, story and a well-written screenplay with some memorable dialogues, there's no doubt that this is Ajay Devgn's best and biggest film till date. A perfect treat to be enjoyed with family and kids!

    July 17, 17
  • Jjj rrr
    Jjj rrr
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    Action which is unbelievable to imagine in Bollywood movie,acting by 2 time national award winner actor Ajay Devgn,brilliant acting by little girl who played daughter of shivaay and all other characters and the location where entire movie is filmed,combos of all these stuff gives shivaay..don't miss to watch it in big screen of theater in Dolby sound..

    October 30, 16
  • Devesh Pandey
    Devesh Pandey
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    First things first, Shivaay is not even near the level the critics are projecting us to!It is a very stunning movie which has emotions,drama and above all the never-seen before action with unique stunts and amazing to eye visuals.Its locations are perfect and it has the perfect blend of everything you would require from it-daughter and father emotions,breath-taking visuals,amazing stunts and raw action!It is not even close to the perfectly dull Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which has again been over-hyped by the critics!The only dull thing is this other wise awesome movie is that due to the length,in some parts of the movie,it will seem a little too long and boring,but the film then again picks up its pace near the climax.
    In the conclusion.I would like to say that you should watch Shivaay this weekend rather than Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which the same old romantic drama which you are used too.In contrast, Shivaay has many new things to offer and the story is again different from Ajay's other movies,especially the stunts,visuals,effects and locations which you will be stunned to see!

    October 29, 16
  • Gopal Bhainsa
    Gopal Bhainsa
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    Best of Best,story was mind blowing

    October 29, 16
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    Shivaay is an Action film by Ajay Devgn and it also marks his directorial debut. The film is an out and out action film with more of fight sequences/trekking and less of words. It operates on a simple plot, though very powerful relationship that of a father-daughter, and wider issues like child trafficking at international level. It does have some breathtaking visuals of mountains and action sequences. But certainly the film has its own loopholes.

    The film begins with Shivaay being knocked out to the ground and his breathing sound. The camera focuses on the hand-knitted doll lying there. Then the story is conveyed in flash back, to be precise 9 years back. Shivaay (Ajay Devgn) is a guide, who is an expert in trekking. He does help the people during catastrophic landslides and also helps Indian Army in covert operations. He falls in love with a Bulgarian girl Olga (Erika Kaar) who came for trekking to India. Olga gets uncomfortable when she comes to know regarding her unexpected pregnancy. She wanted to go back to Bulgaria and had her own life to live. She did not want the child, but Shivaay was very adamant on having the baby. He asks Olga to stay back till her delivery, give him the child and then go back. Olga goes back to Bulgaria giving the girl child to Shivaay. Then, one gets to see 8 year old mute Gaura (Abigail Eames) trekking along with Shivaay. When she discovers that her mother is in Bulgaria contrary to what had been conveyed to her about Olga not alive, she forces Shivaay to take her to Bulgaria to meet Olga. The moment they land in Bulgaria, the trouble starts. Very soon we see Shivaay chasing his enemies, running away from police authorities, getting trapped in a foreign land etc. Anushka (Sayesha Saigal), an embassy employee and Vir Das, a technical geek in a hacker’s role come to the rescue of Shivaay. Parallels are drawn between Gaura-Shivaay’s and Anushka-Girish Karnad’s father-daughter relationships.

    Shivaay lands into what sort of troubles? Who become his enemies and why? How does Shivaay fight back ? Is he able to explore the nexus of child trafficking ?

    Regarding the cast, Ajay Devgn definitely stands out as Action Hero. Rest of the cast have less screen time and are ok. Girish Karnad, a great actor, is underutilized in the film.

    Cinematographer Aseem Bajaj has indeed given some great visuals, it is top-notch.

    What lacks in the film is that it is very quick in jumping from father-daughter bond/emotional connect to the issues of child trafficking followed by chasing sequences between Shivaay and the culprits and at times between Shivaay and police authorities too.

    Shivaay is an out and out Ajay Devgn’s Action film, which has some breathtaking visuals by Aseem Bajaj. Watch it, if you like action films.

    October 29, 16
  • Rakesh Kasuhik
    Rakesh Kasuhik
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    Shivaay means 300 Cr. Movie
    Cinema ke bahar ander sirf shivasy ko dekhne ke liye log pagal ho rahe the
    Liberty ke under 60 ki ticket 200 rs ki log black mein khrid rahe the.
    Film start every 15 mints lig chila rahe the shivaay shivaay log citi baja rahe the .
    Maine yeh craze pehle sunny deol ki gadar ek prem katha ke time dekha tha.
    One man army Ajay devgn
    Action acting direction music specislly back ground aisa lag raha tha jaise hollywood movie dekh rahe ho.
    Ajay devgn ko log aaj ke baad sigham nahi shivaay shivasy kahegey
    Kal phir main 3.15 pm ka show dekhne ja raha hun with family
    Paisa vasul
    राम भी उसका रावण उसका
    जीवन उसका मरण भी उसका
    Blockbuster movie of 2016 shivaay
    Best actor of 2016 ajaydevgn
    Best action film of 2016 shivaay
    Best music score of 2016 shivaay
    Yeh award confirm shivaay ke naam hai.
    I m lucky i get first day first show
    300 करोड पक्का करेगी
    लोग पागल है शिवाय को देखनेवके लिए
    माय रेटिंग 10 star

    October 28, 16
  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar
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    ajay ki ab tak ki best movie

    October 28, 16