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    MY REVIEW: The Ageless Entertainer!!

    As said by a critic; 3D, 2D or no D, Sholay is still D for Delicious. It's an ageless entertainer made from all bollywoodish ingredients; Songs, dance, melodrama, dialogs etc. But make no mistake, there is undeniably excellent storytelling, well developed characters, an engaging emotional script with ample scope of ruthless action, sincere performances by all lead actors, first rate background score and technically apt direction. For nitpicking, you can say that more than 3 hours is too long and few scenes could have been edited but the charm of this movie is too magnetic that even after 38 years, it is able to fill half of the seats of the theater on its re-release. I may not agree that this is the greatest story ever told but yes it is the finest commercial effort till date by Bollywood. For those who have doubts, Sholay in new 3D format with digitally enhanced sound and picture quality is worth every single penny of your expensive ticket. What a way to start 2014 in theaters!!

    January 04, 14