• Rakshit Raina
    Rakshit Raina
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    It completely washes away the stench of prequels!!! The most fun I had in cinemas this year ?

    December 30, 15
  • Anadi
    1 review

    In my opinion the most over rated movie of 2015. Although it introduces three new memorable leads but the plot is a complete rehash of the original movie that after a while gets annoying. Not a single memorable action set piece! the final act is a complete mess.
    Maybe once all the noise settles the fanboys will admit to the shortcomings like they did for the prequels.

    December 29, 15
  • Pavan Kumar Chinnu
    Pavan Kumar Chinnu
    1 review

    Ah! there it is. J J Abrams once again proves that he is second to none when it comes to giving new life to any film franchise from STAR WARS to STAR TREK to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. The force awakens proves it to be one of the best Action films of the year besides MADMAX : FURY ROAD, M:I-ROGUE NATION,CREED and FURIOUS 7.And the best part was the leading lady as it has become quite common throughout the year.

    December 26, 15