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    Super Nani, a film by Indra Kumar, is an attempt to project women empowerment, but fizzles out with over-the-top acting, poor script / screenplay. There was no dearth of good star cast in this movie. Rekha, Randhir, Anupam kher also seem to follow poor script in an awful manner.

    Bharti Bhatia (Rekha) is the typical Indian mother who takes care of every one in the house, but her situation is not better than the doormat, who is constantly reminded by the business tycoon husband to focus on her domain only i.e. in kitchen. Son Rajesh Kumar, daughter-in-law and the daughter also keep humiliating Bharti. Bharti has been blessed with tremendous amount of patience and so she keeps tolerating all the humiliations.

    Then enters her grandson Mann (Sharman Joshy) into the scene from New York who attempts to speak Hindi, even though grammatically incorrect. Mann loves his granny a lot. Mann realizes very soon that her Nani’s place in the household is not better than a housemaid. He tries to make his Nani come out of her cocoon and explore herself. Nani goes through the great makeover to be a woman of substance. She enters into modeling world and soon becomes a role model for all the women of our country.

    Rest of the story is all about how she takes sweet revenge in her own manner to teach her son, daughter-in-law, daughter and husband.

    Rekha as usual, looks stunning in this movie, but a talent like her is completely wasted. Even Randhir Kapoor, Anupam Kher are not utilized in the movie. Sharmaan Joshi, an American- born Desi boy, ends up messing up with grammar while speaking Hindi, also is not impressive in the movie, although otherwise he is a treat to be watched on screen. Sharmaan’s love interest in the movie is played by Shweta Kumar (Indra Kumar’s daughter) don’t have much to do in the movie.

    The thought behind this movie could have been definitely to reflect upon our value system, the issues a mother / housewife face in our society. But the movie turned out to be preaching saga. Loads of melodrama in the movie. If we keep the script / screenplay aside for a while, intention of presenting the concept of values, sensitivity towards elders, respect towards women etc. is good. In our Indian Society, it still happens that women are supposed to forgo their dreams and take care of husband and children. A housewife, mother has to work for 24 X 7 X 365 days, that too without salary. But still, at the end of the day, she gets only brickbats from her so called loved ones, who have no qualms in ridiculing her all the time.

    Super Nani fails to impress irrespective of the most gorgeous Rekha in it and its other wonderful star cast.

    November 04, 14