• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Swades' is an achievement because despite being as long as three hours and they minutes, it never for once feels over plodding. Yes it is tiring in parts, especially the frustrating bits of NASA. But Shahrukh Khan has a great chemistry with Ashutosh Gowariker and both the storytellers create unique magic.

    It is easily one of the best stories to be translated into films this year and unmissable a gem for the same reason. Had the predictability of the plot been more crisp and the trimming been slightly less conventional, this could have been almost a classic. As it is, it is both fun and uplifting at the same time and delightfully joyous. Don't miss it, because it might be one of the best Hindi films you will see this year.

    March 26, 20
  • Dev
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    Swades is masterfully directed , perfectly acted and AR Rahman's music in such a simple movie made it a classic.This is a movie made for wider audience anyone from anywhere can watch it.its a thought provoking movie and a real one. Must Watch!!!!!

    March 21, 14
  • IMF Starboy
    IMF Starboy
    4 reviews

    This movie is sure shot one of the best but one of the most underrated movies in bollywood.

    December 24, 18
  • Last Day
    Last Day
    9 reviews

    Best film ever seen by srk and bollywood

    January 12, 17