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    Om Raut's historical drama 'Tanhaji' is a celebration of India's historical warrior who, as it turns out, is unsung hero behind the most well-known of Indian medieval rajahs, Maharaje Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhonsale. While Tanhaji has been played by Ajay Devgan with right amount of heft and conviction, Saif Ali Khan's Udaybhan Rathore puts on a terrifically terrifying performance of an antagonist who'll just creep you out with his inhumane nature. But he's not a Muslim invader. Although the film takes the side of bhagwa, which results in some problematic politics, the script is compelling, the cinematography and visual effects ever enchanting (with and without 3D in equal measure) and the direction skills of Raut are nifty. The aesthetic and texture of the film compounds the new decade's historical advances and likes, technifying Bhansali's most opulent from 'Bajirao Mastani' and 'Devdas' to 'Ram-Leela' or 'Padmaavat'. Watch the film for all these and you'll be enjoying this remarkably uplifting film that's robust and bereft of jingoism.

    February 02, 20