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    It is the boldest film following a woman's story in recent times. The protagonist here, Tanuja is headstrong, constantly blabbering and often, you are diverted of her screen presence amd at times irritated too. But that's all! The film provides you so much fun and quality time to enjoy with family. And Kangana plays the role with conviction. She unleashes the role of Tanu more than Maddy's Manu act.
    But the film carries a highly inconsistent script further marred down by caricaturish characterization. Tanu's father (Rajendra Gupta) fails to garner anything but fuss over a bad performance in a further cartoonish character which always shouts and blabbers. Deepak Dobriyal is even more caricaturish in the role of Pappi ji. Although Jimmy's Raja is given to do, he doesn't do much, thanks to the sketchy writing the film relies upon. So despite a sultry protagonist taking lead, it's no performance film.
    The film's second half further feels labored and could have used a more taut path to have a saving grace.
    But the film still makes do because it carries good ideas. Despite a Jab We Met story, it strengthens the protagonist, although she is no Geet. I am going with 2.5 for Tanu weds Manu. Watch it in TV.

    September 29, 19