• Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    There are films which are not suitable for all age groups and The DUFF is one perfect example.

    The base is set about a clumsy teen (Whitman) who thinks she is lucky to have two hotties (Santos & Samuels) as her friends in college. When she comes to know, from a good friend (Amell), that she is, in fact, designated an ugly and fat friend (abbrev. DUFF) of the group, she begins introspecting and changing her ways.

    You will detect how the story is outlined and if you are smart, chances are that you will see where and how the story is going to that cliché reservoir where all such films (read teen comedies) go. The preachy topic of being yourself when it comes to bullies at college, especially at this age of viral videos, is expressive, mostly because it is said with a tinge of humor.

    Although, one will understand that the plot keeps its distance from the reality, where in the school the teachers are the weirder ones. The soundtrack is complementing and so is the colorful setup. All said and done, the highly predictive climax just makes the whole film look like it dug its own grave with its own teeth.

    BOTTOM LINE: The DUFF is an effortless affair with doses of good comedy that will crack you up, even if you are not between 12 and 18 years of age, the group to whom it is actually intended.

    VERDICT: Below Average.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    Vulgarity/Profanity: Mediocre

    June 14, 15
  • Shikhar Verma
    Shikhar Verma
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    The DUFF has some interesting things to say, like the use and influence of social media on the supposedly innocent high school kids and the fact that everyone is someone they never want themselves to be. But overall its yet another cliched high-school-romantic-comedy that is cleverly directed in order to hide those things. But they are quite evident, aren't they?

    June 14, 15