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    Peter Jackson never fails to impress. He amazed us with immortal LOTR trilogy and my personal favorite the grand remake of Kingkong. With Hobbit 1, he set the stage for a thrilling adventure and with Hobbit 2 he has raised the bar again by his lucid imagination and magical touches. Like Hobbit 1, Hobbit 2 is also a long tiring journey often testing your patience but your patience is awarded big time when the terrifying fire breathing gigantic dragon Smaug appears on screen and you are glued to the 3D screen like a kid. His interactions with charming Bilbo are delicious. Out of the dwarfs Bombur makes you laugh without a single dialog. Other actors also fit to their relevant roles. But the movie belongs to the Peter Jackson and his technical team for setting up the terrific set pieces like grand water chase, flawless 3D experience and taking you to the world of magic and courage. Purposefully, at least four sequences are being kept open at the end so that you start counting the days for Hobbit finale to appear on big screen. Can't wait to be there and back again!!

    December 18, 13