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The Legend of Michael Mishra

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The Legend of Michael Mishra Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


This comedy will make you cry for the wasted talent of Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani and Aditi Rao Hydari. And all the missing 'h' in the film.

It's better to ignore this tedious disaster and invest money on a much better small budget watch. As for Warsi, we know he has the potential if only he chooses to showcase it in films with better narrative and storyline. Skip this one and keep your peace of mind intact.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


The lack of hype around The Legend Of Michael Mishra isn’t going to help it either as it’s clumsy beyond expectations.Even the most optimistic of us would find it difficult to sit through this cheerless drama.

The Legend of Michael Mishra is an unmitigated disaster: so ham-fisted that it’s all fingers and thumbs pointing in no particular direction.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


Aditi Rao Hydari's good looks is the only good thing about this amateurish attempt, masquerading as a feature film, aimed for adults. Don't know about 'Legend' but this insipid film ijj epic fail for sure.

Suhani Singh
India Today


The longer The Legend of Michael Mishra proceeds more the laughs come at unwarranted moments. Jha's exaggerated set-up turns into a shambolic mess with poor production values and a listless romance.

The Legend Of Michael Mishra is a complete waste of your time and money. If you manage to survive this film without a head-ache, you shall be the legend!

...offers absolutely nothing new to the cine goers and has an extremely disjointed narrative. The film is bound to struggle at the box-office.


The Legend Of Michael Mishra suffers from some very amateur execution. The film's got decent music, a very talented cast, but it seems the makers were hell bent on making this flick with a surreal and bizarre tone. Looks like they got a little too cheeky.

Manisha Lakhe


It's so badly written, there is one guffaw in the whole movie (unintentional), lazily acted, the regional accents are horrible (sometimes absent) and you have seen better choreography and lyrics at the neighborhood bollywood dances classes.

Reviewer Profile


Overall, the movie failed to live up to expectations and make good use of actor Bomen Irani who plays the role of FP in the movie.

Criselle Lobo


The Legend of Michael Mishra is not for everyone. If you loved Bollywood films that released two decades ago, you’d probably like the movie. Otherwise, the two Hollywood releases, Jason Bourne and Suicide Squad are far more entertaining.



Overall, this film is far from a strikingly designed epic and is not worth the ticket price.

Kunal Guha
Mumbai Mirror


When you sign up for an Arshad Warsi movie, you expect mildly amusing one-liners, a couple of thumkas and, perhaps, a few well-placed punches to wrap up the proceedings. But this one barely delivers on either.

Namrata Joshi
The Hindu


Despite the heavy duty title the film plays out so flat and lifeless that the viewer couldn’t care less. What you get in the name of whimsy is sheer inanity, boredom and irritation. Some Groucho Marx masks may have been worn by the characters in a couple of the scenes in the film but that doesn’t lend the film any of Marx’s crackling humour.

There comes a point through this two hour mindless affair that you stop looking at the screen and prefer to stick your nose into the smartphone. And even then the director is interested in taking the next frame and buffoonery it offers to a whole new level. Some other times it stoops so low that you stop caring and wait for the end credits to roll to heave a sigh of relief. 

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