• Himanshu pandey
    Himanshu pandey
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    With abating breath,gulping down saliva and holding ecstacy,u wait for the saver or messiah of Gotham city,'the batman' and here he comes in pocket size and with amazing sense of humour...
    The latest animated movie 'the ligo' has again the loving batman fighting against the evils..wait,we don't have only joker here as antagonists but a range of villains from Hollywood...with a decent on technical front, the movie scores highly on dialogues and voiceovers..basically it was an animated spoof on batman almost similar to what deadpool was to spiderman and dialogues were rib tickling and makes u rofl if u know the references..overall If u know the background courtesy previous batman ventures,u end up liking this. otherwise give it a skip..

    P.S: why can't we have animated movies churning out?? This genre has a lot of scope and it entertains the range of human emotions, a good make can easily be loved as much as the real motion pictures...we r getting better at technical fronts each year and giving strong competition to western cinema..even big studios like Fox and universal among others lending their financial olive greens. our filmmakers should catapult this opportunity to the best to not only entertain us but also to make us big globaly.

    October 05, 19