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    The reason why 'Toy Story' series' each film has a likable quality to its that each film is an original: and while the message of love, to let go and to find a persona in the most little things has been a common theme of each one of them, the characters are always beautifully written and their joys and sorrows all are equally enjoyable. The fourth sequel of the 'Toy Story' series comes off as a surprise because we thought that the story ended right there, and extends the trilogy to perhaps conclude it. There's a new kid this time, and another set of fluffy playthings- making it's undertones similar to the previous film 'TS3' released in 2010. But this one is more textured in its animation and ever-avid reading of emotions makes it an all splendours dazzler that always works. It's a heartfelt goodbye which you will keep revisiting and always choked in emotion, you'll like it. Don't miss the film till the end-credits scene, which is beautiful and brilliant. I was always a fan, now having watched the film, I feel more satisfied and happier.
    Please, go and watch it!

    February 04, 20