• Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Just like any other zombie film, Sang-ho Yeon's Train to Busan starts and ends like you would expect it to be unless you deep dive into the dialogues between the characters that create a much more emotional impact on you. There's a biomedical threat engulfing the city of Seoul and its neighboring areas when a selfish fund manager has to take his daughter to her mom (they are separated) in Busan. But they don't know what's coming to hunt them. How these two characters plus a bunch of other ones try to save themselves from the impulsive zombies forms the crux of this horror thriller that has some insane CGI work to keep you hooked. I watched the Hindi dubbed version (with English subtitles), so naturally the effect was a bit low if you are not a Korean native. But I found Train to Busan to be an emotional drama about relationships and their absence more than it is about a zombie apocalypse. You have to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. TN.

    November 24, 18
  • Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
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    To be very honest, I had never watched a zombie film in my entire life. I had heard about such films and also realized that mostly Hollywood produces such films. TRAIN TO BUSAN is an exceptional addition not just to the list of the best zombie apocalypse action thriller, but also to the list of best films of world cinema which portray human emotions in the most realistic and heart-touching way possible. Yes, it's that excellent.

    TRAIN TO BUSAN is the first South Korean film to have a wide theatrical release in India. That attracted too. It was released in India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. I watched the film first in Korean with English subtitles, and then in Hindi. And I realized that the film manages to convey its message and make you reciprocate emotionally for the film, whether you watch the dubbed version or the original version. The Hindi dubbing was good enough to add to the positive feel.

    The art South Korean filmmakers know is how to add an emotional feel to different genres. Thus, TRAIN TO BUSAN is no exception as it makes you feel for every character. Gong Yoo takes his performance to a higher level and raises the bar for world cinema actors in the climax. He is extremely likable and excellent. Ma Dong-seok is brave, lively and energetic too. Jung Yu-mi impresses big time with her beautiful & emotionally active character. Kim Su-an is cute & impresses with her strong act in sequences which one can't expect from a child artist of her age. Other actors too deliver performances great enough to make you care for them.

    The film's scale is big, and the visual effects are amazing. Cinematography is excellent and captures the locales & thrilling action sequences with plenty of intrigue, while also succeeding in sending chills down your spine through the emotional sequences. Thankfully, it's not an Indian film, otherwise filmmakers won't have rested without adding songs & unnecessary romance. Whatever you see in the film, looks very, very realistic. The tension is very well built and neither do you deviate from enjoying the film, nor does the film deviate from storytelling.

    The story and screenplay are both excellent, and the editing is excellent. The only thing that disappointed me was the A certificate given to it by the Indian Censor Board called CBFC. Why? No nation of the world gave this film an 18+ rating except India & Malaysia. Leave Malaysian Certification system because they follow equal rules for all films Irrespective of the target audience. But in India, films with dozens of gory violence & bucket loads of vulgarity get a UA (PG) certificate. TRAIN TO BUSAN is a clean family entertainer despite the A certificate it has been subjected to. But it's not a mistake of the makers, so there was no flaw I found in the film.

    Overall, TRAIN TO BUSAN is a must watch film for any movie enthusiast. Irrespective of language and nation barriers, the film deserves to be watched by one and all. And yes, I forgot to tell. This film was the first one that actually made me cry. No film before had compelled me to shed tears, but this film did. Even the emotionless will emote. Such strong is this film. Go, watch it with your family and enjoy it fully, along with respecting the safe life we have from zombies in reality.

    July 17, 17
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    worth Watching for it's thrillness and amount of human connection

    December 04, 16
  • TigersNest
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    More often than not, zombie movies inevitably are Zombie humor.
    This movie is different and who better can justify zombie and gore better than Koreans :-).
    Surprisingly a zombie movie which is also heart warming !

    August 07, 17
  • Arohith rajan Rajan
    Arohith rajan Rajan
    8 reviews

    Awsome Thriller-Train to Busan must watch

    October 24, 16