• Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
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    First great action movie by Bollywood this year!

    URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE is the first great action movie by Bollywood this year. Stylish guns, cool explosions and a clapworthy execution make this film truly epic by all standards. Vicky Kaushal, please do more such action movies in the future. You've earned a sincere fan.

    If you're an action buff or/and a viewer who likes real-event movies, this one is a must watch. URI is handled well by Aditya Dhar who balances action and emotion very well. Don't mistake it for a war movie. It's about a surgical strike, which means a military attack carried out with the intention of damaging only a legitimate military target and to prevent a full-blown war.

    Action is the best thing about the film. If you're a PUBG fan, the nonstop action will definitely impress you. While most of the action involves guns, some fight sequences involving fists will also make a crunchy impact. The director has tried to avoid gore for a major part and thus it's low even in the few parts where it's present.

    All actors impressed big time. Vicky Kaushal finally did an action movie and didn't disappoint. Paresh Rawal's neat performance is praiseworthy. Yami Gautam and Kirti Kulhari also shine in their strongly written roles. Mohit Raina makes his presence felt. Music, dialogues and cinematography are all top notch.

    It was after a long time that the multiplex audience cheered throughout and clapped at the end of a movie. I'm one of them too.

    March 03, 19
  • Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
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    Ajay films critic

    excellent movie. realistic, very exited

    January 22, 19
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Even though I am still wondering the point of Uri, a self-boasting, anti-cantankerous film based on actual events, it did not cross my mind till before the second half when I was honestly enjoying Aditya Dhar's superior craft of war and its storytelling as he gives into the dreamy requirements of every patriotic cinema enthusiast in an action film where Pakistan again plays the bad element for the nth time and Vicky Kaushal moves to the next level of stardom. TN.

    January 20, 19
  • Priya Raj
    Priya Raj
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    Great movie.

    Bollywood rarely give us such good quality, goid content movies. How's the josh? Too high!!

    February 03, 19