• Valiyavan is a slow-paced, ordinary romantic comedy that intends to spread a message of patriotism against the backdrop of the special bond shared by a father and his grown up son…

  • Raisa Nasreen
    Raisa Nasreen


    Valiyavan is a stylish film, with very good cinematography and some good background score. Watch it if you’re a fan of action films and if you’re an ardent fan of Jai.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    Albeit, Valiyavan is a fulfilled first half tries hard with an unconvincing second. Good cast, unconvincing plot.

  • his is the whole why of the movie, it’s what we’ve been building towards. But these conversations are drowned out by the rah-rah background music, which is readying us for the final fight, where Vinod will rip his shirt off and reveal a six-pack. At least when it comes to ogling at physical assets, there’s no gender discrimination in Tamil cinema.