• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Vicky Donor' might be easily called the best Hindi film by the director Shoojit Sircar now. And that's also another phrase to call him a smart and acclaimed filmmaker with a sharp understanding of his sheer craft.
    Just think- how many films with uncomfortable themes are the films which you absolutely love? And how many of them are actually feel-good family dramas? Vicky Donor does that kamaal ki cheez as the Delhi-based film tackles a man who donates his sperms. The film is not only a celebration of the fact that he does that, but also the fact that he faces so much backlash. Yami Gautam is tender, and Ayushmann Khurrana is keen observer with a great performance sense. But, the reason why it is one among the finest this year is Shoojit Sircar, who mixes the poetic with the commercial. It's 3.5 out of 5 stars for 'Vicky Donor'. Make sure, you make time for it.

    September 28, 19
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
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    Last few years has witnessed a mushrooming of production houses with almost all the major stars having their own be it SRK's "Red Chillies" or Aamir's "Aamir Productions". The latest to join the bandwagon is John Abraham's "JA Entertainment", which has come out with its maiden venture "Vicky Donor". With a couple of new faces gracing the screen, the onus is on the script to deliver the goods. So will it be happy days ahead for John???

    Over the years, India has gone through a wave of change in all walk of life but there are topics like "pre marital sex". "artificial insemination" etc. which are still considered taboo though it does happen behind closed doors. Interestingly, sperm donation is the subject which is taken up for discussion here in a light hearted manner. Vicky (Ayushmann Khurana) is a happy go lucky Punjabi munda living with his widowed mother in Delhi, who runs a beauty parlour. In the nearby locality, Dr. Baldev Chadha (Annu Kapoor) runs an infertility clinic who is in frantic search for a healthy sperm donor which eventually leads him to Vicky. Though reluctant initially, Vicky finally agrees seeing the money on offer. But things take a change when he falls in love with a banker, Asima Roy (Yami Gautam). Will she able to digest when he tells her about sperm donation???

    Shoojit Sarcar should be lauded for taking up such an interesting topic & molding it in an enjoyable manner rather than being preachy & melodramatic. Juhi Chaturvedi does deserve praise for coming up with an impressive screenplay which entertains & enlightens at the same time without being abstruse. Another major plus point is the excellent choice of actors who have given a whole hearted performance, making it an enjoyable watch.

    Ayushmann Khurana of MTV Roadies fame was the apt choice for the protagonist as he seemed totally at ease be it his body language or dialogue delivery & does promise to be the one to look out for in future. Yami Gautam who has graced the silver screen with serials & ads, delivers an endearing performance. Similarly, Annu Kapoor whose credentials as an actor has been proved beyond doubt in the past itself is yet again reiterated. The rest of the cast be it Vicky's mom, grandmom etc., couldnt have been performed better by anyone else.

    Verdict: Being a low budget film coupled with small stars, it wont create much of a buzz at the box office. But the light hearted treatment of the topic along with credible performances should have word of mouth going in its favour. In short, give it a try for some leisurely time pass as it's indeed a genuine effort!!!

    Rating: 3/5


    September 18, 16
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    Not everyday Bollywood releases a movie this daring, this honest, this funny, this intelligent. Vicky Donor is out of the box concept. It is done with out of the box execution with some out of the box scenes. Anu Kapoor showcases his ultra talent after a long break after his cult character of news paper owner in Mr. India. Ayushmann Khurana is charming and gives his best in his first outing. Yammi is average. Dolly aunty and her mother in law are shining charterers played wonderfully. Movies makes you laugh and makes you emotional with equal ease. Director Shoojit Sircar is one director to watch out for in coming times.

    May 24, 13