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    The epic battle at the center of "Warcraft" isn't the clash between humans and orcs. That's just what takes up roughly two hours of screen time. The true conflict comes from filmmakers trying to tell a story with soul and struggling against the inherent ridiculousness of the movie. Despite the noble effort of director Duncan Jones, who helmed the lower- budget sci-fi wonders "Moon" and "Source Code" , Warcraft just couldn't save itself from its unconventional and poor story tale.With its meticulously detailed realms built out primarily on soundstages and enhanced via CGI during extensive post-production, "Warcraft" aims for fresh and eye-popping and yet ends up shopworn and rather tacky. I am totally disappointed by Duncan Jones 'Warcraft'. I would give 1.5/5 for this heartless movie without any soul.

    December 24, 16