• Pranay Jalvi
    Pranay Jalvi
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    Unfortunately, Singer's latest and likely last trip to the X-Men universe has its sights set lower than the altering of history. The movie was not so good match compared to its predecessor Days of Future Past however the actors gets engaged themselves very well (including new starcast, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan). All the thematic interest and character dimension that's defined the best of this series falls away for a conventional action display. The final battle sequel was not so convincing. Instead of using 3D graphics, Singer used wide shots for every X-man battle. Overall, the movie was not matching its previous films, however Singer manages to still make it watchable.

    December 24, 16
  • Arshil
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    X-MEN APOCALYPSE is the new x-men movie directed by Brian Singer from the director of The Usual Suspects,X-1,X-2 and Days of future past. I was very excited to see this movie because of it's incredible trailer which is the best trailer of 2016. Let's talk about Magneto everything about Magneto is excellent he is the most strongest character in the film and the forest scene of Magneto is the best scene of the entire film. Michael Fassbender as Magneto knocked out of the park and James Mcavoy is very good too. The movie is fragmented it combines threads slowly throughout the movie. Climax of the film is one of the best endings of this year, the action is great,the cerebral fight is superb and even the ending explained the whole movie . "But does that mean the movie is great?" No sir, the apocalypse is a let down in this movie.The movie failed to display the character of Apocalypse properly and there is some stuff in the film which is unnecessary. This movie is about the congregation of X-MEN it would have been better if the movie focused on it properly the setup for the film is unconvincing. The movie looks jumbled sometimes and it takes so much time building up different threads but the movie wasted it's time in doing so because it doesn't focus on the story as Batman V Superman did. We don't know the character of Psylocke's character at all even though she is a character in the film. I understood what the movie is planning to do but the setup is not properly done. Don't get me wrong this movie is no bad it's an average superhero movie with spectacular climax with weak setup and poor villian. Magneto is THE BEST thing in the film. On the whole it's an entertaining movie but not as good as CIVIL WAR or BVS.

    May 20, 16