• Alekhya Das
    Alekhya Das
    9 reviews

    WTF was that? Thank God i'm still alive over here.

    Those 145 minutes were a total waste!! I horribly regret the 68 bucks I paid for nonsense.

    The story was clich├ęd, phony and nonsensical.

    The new actors are pretty annoying -- even Uday Chopra seems Oscar- worthy in front of them.

    Deepti Naval was the plus point.

    Cinematography + Direction + Choreography + Script = belch!! My neighbor walked away halfway out of annoyance. I too wanted to do that but I had a tasty tub of cheese popcorn to hog up. It kinda kept me engrossed.

    The only good thing about the movie is the soundtrack!

    One of the worst movie I ever seen in my life. A total wastage of time n 700 mb data

    Don't dare to go to cinemas.

    May 16, 16