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    To me, this movie is the classic case of 'trying too hard'. While I respect Zoya Akhtar's skills as a filmmaker, ZNMD was just three hours of 'in your face' piled on coolness on a somewhat age inappropriate cast. It was 'Dil Chahta hai' on a sugar rush. Practically the same story if you boil it down (which makes me wonder if Farhan was the ghost writer/director) minus the amazing spontaneity of the earlier film and its awesome characters that you could relate to. The female characters are all shallow - she is either the jealous girlfriend and a diamond digger (Kalki) or an impossibly cool scuba diving instructor who also rides motorbikes and always dresses like she is on the cover of Vogue (Katrina) . The guys themselves don't have too many shades of grey either. Overall quiet an annoying experience for me. The only respite was the great music.

    May 29, 13