• Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    The Zoya Factor has a small list of positives, one of which is that it samples the superstitious beliefs that (Indian) cricketers have, and it is interesting to see how deep it is in the core, but then the lacklustre, cliched plot aggravated by Sonam Kapoor's buffoon-like performance (and only saved by Dulquer Salmaan) takes all the fun out of the film making you cringe with despair. TN.

    December 06, 19
  • Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    Now. Don’t you ask me to not draw comparisons between the film and the novel. I’ve read the novel in 2012, and it was just the best novel I read that year. It was cheerful, romantic and true to context of our times when the sport has become a business.
    And once again, this time, I went to the screens to experience the same amount of joy on the screens. Frankly, the film doesn’t match the potential of its source material despite having room for so much. The film made me return to the roots of the advertising executive Zoya Solanki, this time less headstrong, more blabbering a girl. She is bubbly, cheeky, comforting, but a little irritating.
    And still, Sonam Kapoor nails it totally with her warm charm and sultry smile. She is attractive, she is a lucky charm and she is a lovelorn lady- what’s not to like about her? But the one who steals the show in totality is Dulquer Salman. Her act is strong, and his expressions are admirable. He sucks life into the character of Nikhil, and his performance is uneven fun.
    But the problem of the film is writing. It never delves deep into the situational commentry it might have become, and wants to be fluffy, light and frothy. And it does? which might go as far as to say the film suffers from the convoluted script it has.
    Director Abhishek Sharma is experimental filmmaker. And the man gives a wonderful concoction of colours, dazzle of a princess’ fairytale, and adds the superstition angle and a masala bollywod story to it. And that’s why the film is crisp and soulful. Sanjay Kapoor, after repetitive disappointments, is still cool and fuzzy. Sikander Kher plays the part of Zoya in an irritating manner. But is Angad Bedi of the supporting cast who truly won me with his desi captain act.
    Watch The Zoya Factor because despite being very long it is very crisp and fun. There are contrivances, but so is the entertainment. One of the better Hindi films of the year. I'm going with three out of five.

    September 23, 19