• …the dull nature of the movie gives you time to ask some awkward questions about the plot, especially the anticlimactic final act.

    All you can do then is shuffle out of the theatre feeling utterly cheated.

  • Rock the Kasbah doesn’t really rock at all…

  • …go ahead; venture into the shadowy halls of Allerdale Hall, open the creaking doors and immerse yourself in the devilish delights of this film.

  • Bridge of Spies is surprisingly warm and funny for a film about the Cold War – a time full of morally grey areas. It doesn’t shrink away from the nastiness of the time – people are shot trying to leave East Berlin – but it’s still quite optimistic with its character portrayals.

  • At the end of the day, it’s the fascinating and cohesive storyline packaged with brilliant cinematography that make Sicario an appropriate film to reign in the upcoming Oscar season.

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