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The Last Witch Hunter

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The last remaining witch hunter battles against an uprising of witches in modern day New York.Wikipedia

The Last Witch Hunter Reviews

Divya Pal


If I had to use just one word to describe the movie, it would be disappointment. Not once will the viewers find it gripping, enthralling and engaging. If you don't automatically fathom the sequence of events, it's almost certainly not for you.

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


Shot, sliced, struck, splayed; saved, sailed, smiled, strayed; and carried on. For Vin Diesel to start at one end of that trajectory and appear unscathed at the other is par for the course. Now imagine him as witch hunter Kaulder, with special powers and immortality. Witch, witches, or witch queen — which has a chance?

Jyoti Sharma Bawa
Hindustan Times


It is apparent that Caine and Wood are just cashing their pay cheque. Even though Vin Diesel is earnest and trying hard, he cannot help this B-grade adventure/fantasy which also works like a whodunit without thrills. If you are not creeped out by its misogyny, you are bored beyond endurance by its predictability.


Vin Diesel and subtlety don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. Accordingly, there are acrobatic battles with flaming swords, blazing shotguns and CGI ghouls aplenty. Caine and Wood dial in their performances but it's Rose Leslie who is in form here; her character could have been explored in greater depth.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


Even the monsters or the witches don't look scary. Everything seems to have been put together in a hurry. It's an action flick. But it is rarely entertaining. It has Vin Diesel, but there's no car chases in this one. It could've been great, but settles for just about okay.

The narrative is densely over-plotted with other-worldly incidents both magical and radical. It's convoluted and has hallucinatory overtures that take you off course every time. The story itself lacks consistency and the visual architecture here reigns supreme over everything else.


Hollywood still hasn’t figured out that a fantasy film needs some genuine scares to keep things interesting – excessive CGI doesn’t really cut it nowadays, and FX as unimpressive as the ones in this movie signal a disaster. In the 90’s this film would probably have been a semi hit, in 2015 The Last Witch Hunter is so unimaginative, it digs its own grave.

Ronita Torcato
The Free Press Journal


...the production design, CGI, special effects, and make-up deserve an ‘A’, for portraying a world where magic lurks round the corner. Kaulder wields an Excalibur-like sword and even smiles a bit, a far cry from his unsmiling Fast and Furious persona. But he remains as tough and intensely likeable as ever.Which is a very good reason for watching The Last Witch Hunter


High on energy and magnificent in its production, The Last Witch Hunter kicks in effortlessly.


...the dull nature of the movie gives you time to ask some awkward questions about the plot, especially the anticlimactic final act.All you can do then is shuffle out of the theatre feeling utterly cheated.

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