• Even though it’s nice that they attempted to try and break the curse of video game movies, it still doesn’t take away the fact that this is far from the best movie of 2016.

    While the gaming franchise has been ridiculously successful, the question here is: do those who spend their days tethered to their controllers and mouses really need a movie to gain the experience?


  • “It’s the one film that you know it’s gonna make its money back,” Edwards said in an interview. Well, there’s no doubt about that – The Force Awakens may have reanimated the franchise, but Rogue One is the rebel that will give Star Wars fans a new hope.

    After all, “rebellions are built on hope”, and Rogue One is as rebellious as it gets.

  • “You can’t stick your hand in a hole and hope for the best. Hope isn’t a tactic,” says Wahlberg’s character early in the movie.

    It’s true. Cutting corners doesn’t work, something most multinationals would do well to remember. In all its thrilling moments, Deepwater Horizon never loses sight of that fact.

  • There are laughs enough if you remember you’re not meant to overthink it. But considering the cast, it’s just a little bit of a letdown.

  • It’s a beautiful movie about love and dreams, and how the two impact each other. As much as the cynics will walk in with half a mind to hate it, they won’t be so quick to dismiss the enticing musical once the last song is sung.

  • If you prayed that this was the last you’d see of a leathered-up Beckinsale slash through werewolves and generally kick ass, it’s not going to happen. Because Underworld: Blood Wars is a classic example of a franchise gone wrong because of the greed of studios.

  • Should you watch this? Yes. The matter-of-fact way that Moana is treated is heartening. No one doubts her because of her gender; only sometimes because of her youth.

    She’s the princess Disney needed. Because it’s 2016.

  • It’s a triumphant return to the wizarding world and Rowling’s limitless imagination. Reports say Rowling and her team are currently editing the script for the second movie, which is scheduled to begin filming next year.

    Can’t wait.

  • I apologise if this sounds like a cheap plug, it’s really not: you’re probably going want to head in for a second round, perhaps picking IMAX more wisely.

  • What really did seem like an utter waste of talent was to not utilise Timberlake to sing more considering the fact that he is a pop superstar. But when he does sing near the end – Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors – it’s bound to have you squeeze out a tear at least (if you have heart).

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