• LSD is the ‘cool’ film youngsters would enjoy, and its realness will strike a chord with a few. The more discerning audience may be left disappointed. But it is film you can’t ignore.

  • Ishqiya, among other things, is a great start for director Abhishek Chaubey. The film — with its great music, superior performances, and memorable dialogues — cannot be missed, unless you are under 18 years of age. This is pure ‘adult’ fun.

  • The film relies on a simple story by Jaideep Sahni and also some really witty writing, by Sahni again, that is really the soul of the film. In fact, the film is one more example of Sahni’s clear emergence as arguably the best writer in Hindi cinema among the current crop.

  • Imtiaz Ali deserves credit for pushing the envelope once again. After Jab We Met, there were huge expectations of him, but Imtiaz has not let them deter him from making something that is, frankly, a risky subject. The film may not have an appeal as wide as Jab We Met, or may not even be watched as many times repeatedly on television, but it is testimony to Imtiaz Ali’s brilliance as a storyteller.

  • However, you have to give it to Aditya to attempt a love story that’s drastically different from the one he set the trend of in the first place. Coming back after a span of eight years, Aditya chooses a subject that may not set the cash registers ringing in a way, say, a Om Shanti Om did, but tells a heartwarming love story of a middle-class, middle-aged man that needs to be applauded for its minimalism.

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