• Masaan lovingly drawing you into anguish and ache, and leaves you with conflicting emotions. Watching the film is akin to experiencing a good cry – you aren’t fully rid of the sadness, and there’s a sense of emptiness after. It’s not the happy ending you want. But it’s good enough.

  • Humshakals should set several online forums on fire, with topics ranging from “Is Humshakals Really Worse Than Himmatwala?” to “Saif Ali Khan’s Mid-life Crisis – Desperate For A 100cr Hit” to “Must Sajid Khan Get To Make Films Only He And His Friends Enjoy?”

    If you plan to spend money on Humashakals, though, there’s a song created only for you: “Hum paagal nahi hai bhaiyya. Humara dimaag kharaab hai (no translation required).”

  • …what makes Sholay truly special is that it gets better with every viewing. Many teens may have not watched the film at all but to most Indians, Sholay is a film that seems to grow in its appeal. The joy of watching the epic film on the big screen, then, is not so much in rediscovering it than in reliving the awesomeness all over again, till you are ready for another encore. And for that reason, the film’s re-release is a major cause for celebration.

  • Watching Hum Tum Shabana is akin to putting yourself through torture. Recommended for those who hate themselves.

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