• The movie is touching and cute. But the message about “true inner beauty” and  so on was annoying at times. The movie is a meretricious celebration of those standards. Anushka tries to convey the message ‘appearance is nothing’ but the shell and the movie is nothing but a class on diet and excercise.

  • Technically, it blasts open the hypotheses of cinema and goes where few have attained earlier. There is enough here that will excite and beatify fans. But there’s also a lot in it that exacerbates normal crowd. For a visually game-changing film, Rajamouli opts for a folklore and love story that are way too common and at times, even moth-eaten. There’s an overall lack of feelings in Baahubali. With that said, maybe a duology is just too much to ask of “Baahubali”, and hopefully Baahubali – the conclusion will be more superior to the part one.

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