• So often, the narrative is left on the side, as we watch Streep’s Graham reflecting on her life, marriage and family, passion for the newspaper, thinking aloud, arguing with men — all of them junior to her, and even being conflicted about her decisions.

    All of this makes for a good film, but not brilliant cinema.

  • The Big Sick is packed with delicious details, moments and scenes that makes the film stand apart as a smart rom-com…

  • It is deeply engaging and like comfort food its memory and taste will stay with the viewers long after the credits role.

  • Aditya Chopra’s film reminds us that a well-shot Bollywood romantic film can be so entertaining even when it does not offer anything new…

  • While Parched might remind some viewers of Thelma & Louise, the film is rooted in India. The theme of women being mistreated in traditional and even modern societies may be universal, but Parched remains Indian in its tone, ethos, and the very distinct and disturbing male-female dynamics.

  • Kaushal displays a lot of brave acting, including a terrific confrontation scene with his father (Vipin Sharma in a brief appearance). There is real good cinema in that scene towards the end of the film, and also a reminder that Kashyap has a lot of talent. He just needs to stop making films that are very similar.

  • The characters drawn for the 2016 live action film have an edge that was not present in the 1967 animated film…

  • Talvar is a very well made film — despite its length and some brief scenes that could have been edited out. But it is also a very uncomfortable film to watch, and that is what makes it so good. A good film should be able to get into our skin, challenge us, shake us up and Talvar does all of that.

  • It is a must watch film, a once in the lifetime kind of work that should be supported by film lovers and experienced on the big screen.

  • Lovers of good cinema should not miss this opportunity to watch one of the best Indian films of 2016.

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