• …delivers knockout blows and finally we have an action film without the existential drama that most of them seem to exude. Taron and Colin Firth are a wonderful team. One is the young disciple who needs training and the other, the master-spy. Kingsman: The Secret Service is a glorious collection of everything good about spy films and none of the political correctness. In the end, you will walk out of the theatre feeling like a gentleman spy. How awesome is that?

  • A compelling human story about grief, pain, hope and happiness. This movie brings all of this together. Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern are amazing in their respective roles. Jean-Marc Vallee has delivered a movie that fills you with a warm glow. This is a story that should be emulated by all.

  • Foxcatcher is one of those films that need to be seen. You get to see powerhouse acting from Steve Carell. In fact, he has been nominated multiple times for his performance. The dynamics between Tatum, Ruffalo and Carell also keep you captivated. Foxcatcher isn’t just a sports film, it’s a showcase of relationships and human nature.

  • Big Eyes gets you right in the soul. It is a remarkable story that shocked the whole world, and not just the world of art. You are shown a world before instant fame. It talks about the price of being famous. In the end, it shows us that good art is honest and true to the soul of the artist. Tim Burton makes us believe in the Big Eyes.

  • You get thrust into a dystopian future where you will enjoy the ride. Each character of the film is layered and every actor brings their own touch to the film. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 connects you to Katniss, her struggle and the rebellion. It is a wonderful third film in The Hunger Games series. And of course, you get to see Philip Seymour Hoffman’s wonderful acting once again.

  • Gun-fu, fast cars, Keanu in black, headshots, bad guys with bad attitudes and whole lot of combat. That is all. A simple story about revenge. Watch this movie with your buddies and enjoy a tightly done action film with no loose ends.

  • Big Hero 6 makes animated action movies fun for the whole family. You can watch this from start to finish and go back to watching it all over again, just to find out that it has gotten better upon second watch. Disney has delivered big time. However, it has now been done without playing to the crowd. That is the best part of the movie, a story that is amazing, visuals that are stupendous, humor that will leave you giggling, and excitement that will make you whoop. Do not miss this movie. Big Hero 6 is just what the doctor ordered.

  • This movie is a screaming ride into the night. You will feel the howling of the wind, the corruption of power, the seduction of beauty, the poison that enters men’s souls and the desperation of Sin City. A dance of death, destruction and dames, an entertainer till the end.

  • It is a honest capture of a world that we might not know about. An honest point of view. In the end, we are left wondering how in the world are we still going through this. That is the beauty of the film, you will be left wondering some very pointed questions. Such documentaries must be appreciated and encouraged. An en-’light’ening film about the literal quest for power.

  • This is one of those films where a bunch of relatively unknowns make it big. It is an epic metaphor (again, another little joke from the movie). Don’t miss it on the big screen.

    The visuals are stunning to say the least. The soundtrack will make you smile from ear-to-ear. As you enter the worlds, be amazed and also don’t forget… watch out for the Easter eggs.

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