• The star, however, is Del Toro’s direction that constrains your chest in anticipation of the inevitable and simultaneously also swells your heart, reiterating that love does transcend everything, and in this case even species. And like the shape of water, it is all around us when submerged in it.

  • Don’t be surprised if you don’t quite get the purpose of how things unfold in Atomic Blonde ’s climax. In any case, switch off your brain, come for Theron and stay for the action.

  • Shortland’s film is anti-climactic, burning at a painfully slow pace and never fully coming to a boil.

  • And its shortcomings notwithstanding, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is thoroughly enigmatic and essential to be experienced on the big screen.

  • ‘Doctor Strange’ is a subverted superhero film with plenty to look and laugh at.

  • In the end, the live action films are just like the books they were adapted from: quick fixes to ennui . So watch it and forget it, because it’s not memorable. But Inferno is worth one viewing.

  • For its part, The Shallows’ antagonist is an efficient CGI-created shark, not scary by itself but, like any horror film, what it’s capable of. In this case, its ability to rip a human in half, which it does in one gory instance. But the film is not just about a shark attack, it’s about fighting till the end no matter what and — clichéd as it sounds — overcoming the odds.

  • Even though Don’t Breathe does fall short sometimes, it is still a great watch to see how the prey turns into the predator.

  • You’re not going to want to leave the theatre with a sudden desire to be grateful for all your mother has done for you. Instead, you’ll never want to have children, perhaps forgo marriage altogether and live a life of singledom.

    Oh, and resolve to watch better films.

  • There’s plenty going for Star Trek Beyond when the only thing holding it back is its formulaic approach. But you don’t always have to go where no man has been before.

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