• ‘Udta Punjab’ is not hypothetical, fiction or a far sighted imagination, it is the root of our society that is flaring up and blazing into flames to kill itself and the surroundings with large diameters. Instead of being the pigeon with shut eyes thinking the cat won’t eat him, time calls for a roaring unison to recognise and burn down to earth, the ‘rotten future’ gifted by drugs.

    In the dominant bubble of commercial subjects, the makers of ‘Udta Punjab’ dare to touch the controversial subject only to fight with it, for it and release the reality!

  • …the story manages to descend bare into the psyche of audiences with debonair imagery tied with picturesque beauty, keeping you mesmerised.

    After a while, if you wish to see a congenial movie with a bottom of gravitas sans the glamour and glitz, then you must not miss ‘Kapoor and Sons’ since 1921.

  • A challenge to the critics’ lens and a treat to viewers—‘Bajirao Mastani’ is gloriously grand! Book the tickets without a doubt.

  • Making the soft hearted audience a bit teary towards the end, ‘Brothers’ wraps up on a positive note, well, yes the typical Bollywood style. It’s dragging climax makes you a little weary, and that is a major setback.

    This monsoon weekend, go grab a ticket and watch some incredible acting with a hint of breathtaking fight sequences.

  • You may be in for a surprise if you thought that ‘ABCD 2’ would be totally as you predict. Roaring towards the end, the movie is absolutely realistic which is a great plus and you need to watch to know it all. Don’t let your weekend be monotonous, grab a ticket – it’s worth it.

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