• Considering the fact that Singh – an Arjuna awardee – created a world record for the drag flick, led the Indian national hockey team, and have 2012 Summer Olympics to his credit, the hockey matches shot for Soorma lack the power of international games. Since most of the viewers have watched Chak De! India and are aware of its impact, you are bound to miss the frenzy.

    Soorma has good intentions but not sufficient emotional heft.

  • Sanju isn’t a family drama, Hirani offers wholesome entertainment to the viewers. He doesn’t use songs, dialogues to excite the audience or draw them to cinema halls. Nothing appears out of nowhere, just flows with the film.

  • Don’t expect the film to work with non-Salman movie goers because it’s amateurishly written, and clearly weighed down by bad direction, pretentious dialogues and poor performances.

  • At two hours and fifteen minutes, Veere Di Wedding is an engaging film which is let down by its flaws. It is a film that could have been so much more.

  • Simran is undoubtedly entertaining, but it is more of a presentation of the acting prowess of the incredible genre-crossing actor Kangana Ranaut.

  • Honestly, this is a film that is totally oblivious as to how irksome it can get.

  • A little close to two hours, barely any moments wasted on superfluous aspects, and an absolute dearth of pointless songs – there’s a lot that you’d appreciate in Shubh Mangal Saavdhan.

  • Dunkirk isn’t a war film that is made with the objective to flatter viewers with its epicness. But Nolan has indeed been successful in making a different war movie that elicits not just fears, but thoughts as well.

  • While the film is compelling in showing that India’s enormous push for English is often interpreted as an instant solution to all problems – including academic achievement, better employment opportunities and economic success, it isn’t just an accusation on Indian education system. It raises several concerns, but misses it just when it is required the most. Despite its flaws, the film is still relevant and successfully touches upon a relevant issue.

  • Garth Davis’ Lion isn’t just an emotional film which will tear you up inside, but also a heartwarming mother-son tale that offers a compelling, refreshing take on the trite idea of never being able to reunite with families. Go ahead and watch it.

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