• Considering the fact that Singh – an Arjuna awardee – created a world record for the drag flick, led the Indian national hockey team, and have 2012 Summer Olympics to his credit, the hockey matches shot for Soorma lack the power of international games. Since most of the viewers have watched Chak De! India and are aware of its impact, you are bound to miss the frenzy.

    Soorma has good intentions but not sufficient emotional heft.

  • Honestly, this is a film that is totally oblivious as to how irksome it can get.

  • Poor Script, Flawed Direction Dilutes The Impact…

  • While the film manages to capture the unabated violence convincingly, and the efforts that stranded Sikh families to save their lives and a few Hindu families extending help, the impact doesn’t come across too strongly. So you might find the sequences of violence and barbarity leaving you a bit disturbed, but it gets forgotten with the next sequence that follows.

  • Writer Thusha Sathi should have paid more attention to the plot. Apart from clashes of culture UnIndian doesn’t have much going on. If you think of it, after spending over 90 minutes, all you’d remember of the film is a clichéd cross-over film.
    Watch it if you are a true blue Brett Lee fan.

  • If I had to use just one word to describe the movie, it would be disappointment. Not once will the viewers find it gripping, enthralling and engaging. If you don’t automatically fathom the sequence of events, it’s almost certainly not for you.

  • …might survive, courtesy the huge fan following of TV actors Surveen Chawla and Jay Bhanushali, but what a disappointing thriller they’ll have to endure.

  • …marks the return of the explosive action star Sunny Deol we missed for years. That says it all.

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