• Apart from the makers’ effort to be as true to the event by recreating the aircraft model and paying attention to the nitty-gritty of that timeline, the highlight of Neerja is the emotion quotient. You will leave the cinema questioning, did this actually happen? If so, Neerja definitely needs each one of our salute and not just her but every person who went through the dreadful ordeal.

  • With a runtime of less than two hours, Wazir is tightly edited which makes it an enjoyable movie to begin 2016.

  • Watch Titli for Kanu Behl’s neat story – telling, flawless acting by every character and most of all, the story about a thousand ‘Titli’s’ in an anxious bid to better their lives.

  • The extensive research done in constructing this film speaks for itself. Re – visiting the same tale with the intention of creating clarity in the minds of the audience was the purpose behind making Talvar which may or may not be achieved.

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