• Speedunnodu seems okay until the interval point with some laugh out loud moments. However the romantic track it is too predictable to keep us glued. Climax is different from usual but couldn’t make the desired impact. Speedunnodu has its moments but fails to entertain or engage on a whole.

    Verdict: Caution! Speed-breaker ahead.

  • Nothing worked in the first half in spite of desperate attempts to make us laugh. Second half largely runs on the scenes taken from ‘Phas Gaya Re Obama’. There are attempts to add humor to the proceedings but nothing clicked except for a few one liners mouthed by Prithvi. Climax is slightly better than the rest of the movie but on a whole Shankarabharanam will leave you disappointed.

  • Rudhrama Devi can still be watched once despite all the flaws because of the story and the insights it gives about the characters of the great Telugu kingdom. Guna Sekhar should have come up with a far more engrossing product as he repeatedly said that it was his dream to make a movie on the warrior queen. Don’t expect wonders or an everlasting cinematic experience with this film. Guna has announced a movie on Pratapa Rudra, The Last Emperor. Hope he comes up with better product learning from his mistakes.

  • Predictability is another big problem for this film that never throws any surprises at any point. Nithin’s presence and the short runtime are the only plusses in this otherwise boring movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. A huge disappointment for the audience who go with expectations looking at the names like Gautham Menon associated with it. You can wait for the Courier to be delivered at your home rather than running to the theaters.
    Verdict: A Badly Packaged Product.

  • Mukunda is a very serious drama with lots and lots of action, which seems pointless after some time. There is not a single scene where the protagonist is put to test. Director should have at least concentrated more on the hero, villain tussle when he is not so interested about any other emotions or interactions in this film. To sum it up, Mukunda marks a decent debut for Varun Tej, but fails as a movie. You may watch it for Rao Ramesh’s career defining performance and Mayer’s soundtrack.

  • Age old story, bad narration, weak sound track makes this three hour long film painfully boring to watch. Lingaa fails to please even the diehard fans of Rajanikanth.

  • First half of the film is slightly better than the second half which will make you search for the nearest exit all the time. Thanks to Rakul’s growing fan base, Rough got decent openings compared to recent releases. However it will surely suffer huge fall after the weekend as the word of mouth is spreading like wildfire. Stay away from this.

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