• Climax of the film will bring a lot of joy to the viewers which in itself is a great achievement. Manamantha is one of its kind of films that are a rarity in Tollywood. One cannot afford to miss this roller coaster ride of emotions. Go watch it.

  • A Aa has a very good plot and Trivikram executed it well without getting too much melodramatic. His style of presentation and characterizations will keep you entertained despite the lack of so called masala elements. A Aa is a wholesome entertainer that can be enjoyed with your whole family. It is a perfect summer film that gives your ticket’s worth of entertainment.

  • All the stunts are choreographed in the same way. There is no variety and it gets hideous after some time. We expect a powerful climax because of the powerful villain, but all we are served is a run of the mill stuff that ends horribly predictable. There are few bright points about the film, but we cannot let this one pass off as a passable fare as there are so many more dark moments. Allu Arjun’s spotless performance is the main highlight of this Boyapati’s bland and boring mass masala offering.

    Verdict: Not ‘Saraina’ Attempt!

  • Speedunnodu seems okay until the interval point with some laugh out loud moments. However the romantic track it is too predictable to keep us glued. Climax is different from usual but couldn’t make the desired impact. Speedunnodu has its moments but fails to entertain or engage on a whole.

    Verdict: Caution! Speed-breaker ahead.

  • Raviteja’s energy, Prithvi comedy and a largely entertaining first half are the high points of Bengal Tiger. Mass audience may enjoy this for the above factors and the heroines liberal skin show is a bonus. Audience that are fed up of watching the same old drama in each and every film may not be able to sit through the second half without complaining about the fuss. Bengal Tiger has chances to score in B and C centers but as a film it will go down as yet another routine fare.

    Verdict: Roaring First Half, Boring Second Half.

  • Nothing worked in the first half in spite of desperate attempts to make us laugh. Second half largely runs on the scenes taken from ‘Phas Gaya Re Obama’. There are attempts to add humor to the proceedings but nothing clicked except for a few one liners mouthed by Prithvi. Climax is slightly better than the rest of the movie but on a whole Shankarabharanam will leave you disappointed.

  • Last half an hour turns absolute nonsense and looks like a show reel for PVP Sports. The romantic thread has no surprises and runs on a predictable note. We have seen tons of movies running with similar love triangle and it is dragged and dragged until we are fed up of it. Size Zero had the potential to be a promising film but the second half turned out to be the worst nightmare. Wish the director has put in half the efforts and hard work that Anushka has put into this film.

    Verdict: Sweety Shines But The Film Doesn’t.

  • Except for some brilliantly shot action scenes Cheekati Rajyam has nothing exciting enough to be cherished at the cinemas. The team will be lauded for breaking the so called formula but as a film it fails to strike chord with the viewers. Kamal Haasan who usually adds emotional depth to his plots has written a flat screenplay that turns uninteresting in the second hour. Extremely slow pace and with hardly anything happening on the story front for the most part of the movie, Cheekati Rajyam finds it tough to appeal to the majority of audience.

    Verdict: Different But Shallow.

  • Heart of the film lies in the pre climax and climax scenes where the movie takes a complete U turn with an unexpected ending. This is where the brilliance of Sukumar’s writing comes to the fore and Kumari will leave a lasting impression on the audience either it is good or bad! The film has too much adult content which may not please audiences who comes to the theaters expecting lighter vein entertainment. Kumari will not appeal to all but it will definitely make a mark for itself as one of the most controversial and bold films ever made in Telugu cinema history.

  • A Good Attempt But Fails To Push The Boundaries…

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