• For telling it like it is, for giving the national hero a befitting cinematic homage and for opening up the vistas of dreams that every working class youngster lives and dies with, Sachin: A Billion Dreams deserves a standing ovation. For giving us a documentary that is neither dry nor pedantic nor over-eulogistic, the entire team of this film deserves a “We Love Sachin” sweat-shirt each…. Signed by the man.

  • Hindi Medium with excellent production values and a strong local story, is undoubtedly a great canvas with a strong message.

  • The songs in the film are hummable and the film, as expected, with excellent production values is all gloss and fluff but low on substance.

  • Overall, while the film is interestingly told and is engaging, the last scene, though it talks about a happy ending, unsettles the purist.

  • The end credits promise – Guardians of the Galaxy Will Return, but if this streak of its storytelling continues, one is not sure if you’d be looking forward to it.

  • Maatr is a raw and powerful tale that is crisply told albeit a tad fictionalised.

  • Overall, the minor lapses in the portrayal of journalism as a profession, notwithstanding, ‘Noor’ is an enjoyable, breezy film which pivots around strong issues but is light-hearted too.

  • There is room for everything and everyone in this baggy after-thought including a cute baby who is part of the film’s climactic stunts. The baby, named Brian after the late much-missed Paul Walker, has a ball.
    We do too. We don’t miss Walker. There is no pause for nostalgia here.

  • Overdramatic and convoluted…Vidya Balan in the title role, as expected, is impressive and effortlessly convincing.

  • Though this film tells us why death need not be feared, I came away from it feeling a profound sense of melancholy. It makes us experience the final futility of life without disrespecting the art of living. And that’s no small achievement.

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