• Despite a typical colour palette, witnessed in many superhero films, the visuals of the film along with the 3D animation, are decent and exciting.

    Overall, Incredibles 2 is an entertainer that would entice the young and the older audience alike.

  • The 3D effects are far and few, even the shattering of the glass frames with the shards strewn all around are ineffective.
    The songs are an aberration to the narrative. All of them are slow, uninspiring and have a fatigued beat and they are the weakest point of the film.

  • …the CGI is spot on and the visuals are aesthetically mounted. Director of Photography, Oscar Faura’s live-action frames mesh smoothly with the CGI and together, you experience some enchanting images.
    Overall, this edition is much better than its predecessor.

  • The music and background score befits the genre and overall, the film gives you a feel of a B-grade potboiler of the 1980s.

  • Cinematographer Siddharth Diwan’s visuals offer unique angles and frames especially during the chase sequences. And overall, the film boasts of excellent production values rendered by the Production and Design team along with the editing and sound team.

  • This film is great fun to watch. The quartet of gorgeous women are more entertaining than the four guys in Dil Chahta Hai. One of whom had famously said, “You can’t improve on perfection”.

    True, but you can do a helluva lot with imperfection. Specially if you have the wealth to play around with to hide your ongoing bouts of gaffes and faux pas. Veere Di Wedding is one helluva joyride, a designer’s delight and yet not quite the air-headed experience it loudly proclaims itself to be.

  • Overall, the film is worth a watch for the unsung heroes of the tale.

  • Overall, mounted with moderate production values the film is a mediocre fare worth a Sunday watch on television.

  • This is a small film with a very big heart, enduring in its statement on the erosion of mutual respect in a marriage of convenience, and endearing in its susceptibility to keep the narrative clutter-free when the stakes are piled heavily against a friction-free condition of existence.
    Oh, and yes. This is a two-hero film. Sanjay Mishra and the city of Varanasi.

  • Overall, despite a weak script, there is action aplenty throughout the film, but that doesn’t bog down the viewing experience like many overcooked comic-book sequels. Also, the pendulum of the narrative swings from bloody mayhem to lewd comedy and back seamlessly and there are moments too where the film turns mushy. It is also advisable not to leave the theatre at the beginning of the final credits.

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