• Overall, everything in this film is magnified and polished creating a high-octane atmosphere. It surely is a gift for all action lovers.

  • Running Shaadi has its share of flaws. The beeped-out ‘com’ from Running Shaadi is an irksome speedbreaker. Also, the effort to keep the goings-on constantly brisk-paced gets exhausting at some point in the narrative. I am really not sure when. It all happens so swiftly and happily and fluently.
    This is a rom.com with a dot between the ‘rom’ and ‘com’ reminding us that the traditional romantic comedy has come a long way.
    And dot’s the whole truth.

  • This may not be your idea of a Valentine’s day love story. But Rings tells you why it’s important for couples to stand by one another under the most trying of circumstances. Also, why not to watch video tapes that are sent anonymously.

  • The production values are of expected quality, but overall tread wisely into this space only if you must.

  • Overall, the film is an affectless, effect laden extravaganza.

  • Overall, nothing matters in this film since it a snooze fest. Even the fans of the series would agree.

  • Kaabil is a film about love and its abrupt send-off. It is a violent film. But the emphasis is on the damage done to the soul of the wronged man. It must be seen for Hrithik Roshan’s incredibly moving performance and for the unexpected glimpse it provides into its director’s romantic personality.

  • Overall, Raees is a well made film that would appeal to the masses.

  • Overall, the film is well-made but lacks the zing of a tasty burger.

  • Overall, OK Jaanu is a strictly ok film, devoid of anything new or interesting.

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