• Since Aiyaary claims to be a thriller, I don’t wish to give out any spoilers. However, this has to be said, this film completely spoils your time and mood.

  • In short, Aiyaary wasn’t just required in Neeraj Pandey’s filmography.

  • And that brings us to Matt Damon. It isn’t that Damon is a bad actor, it’s just that his usual act of ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances is never very likeable. It’s just really hard to get yourself to invest in him or care about him, which is kind of important for a lead character one would think. Presumably Payne wanted an everyman to play the main role to make it easier for the audience to fill his shoes and inhabit this remarkable world themselves. And sure, apart from when he’s playing an amnesiac spy or astronaut with issues, Damon has made himself a Hollywood A-lister on the strength of his everyman-ness, but really. This guy?

  • Kapil might have the ability to make people laugh but the one thing he surely can’t do is prevent his poor attempts at films from criticism. Trust me, he should stick to what he has been doing for past 10 years— “Stand-up comedy”.

  • Perhaps it’s an attempt to make Islam more palatable to a terrorism-plagued West, but it seems tone deaf in a post-2014 India, where it might just fan certain undesirable flames.

    All in all, we can only end with what the filmmakers begin the movie with, a caveat that “This is based on a true story…… Mostly.”

  • Daniel Craig-starrer Sets the Pace for a Fun & Explosive Ride…

  • The film’s forceful dialogues not only move the story forward but also play a key role in establishing characters and their relationships. Besides disclosing conflicts and causing reactions, it also talk about the practices of casteims and just how complicated and problematic they are. Dialogues such as ‘Unchey log kisi ke nahi hotey’, ‘Asli raja who jiske paas pani hai’, ‘Humare gaon nazdeek hai aur hum alag hain’ shows how caste-system isn’t obsolete and useless even in the modern context.

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