• Watch Split for James McAvoy – he scares the bejesus out of you. The subtle manifestations of changes on his face as he slips in and out of alters is terrifying. They make your skin crawl and hands feel clammy. You sit through the movie feeling strangely cold despite a warm jumper and a thick cardigan on you.

  • A Monster Calls is touching and it is lovely and it makes the biggest truth of our lives come alive on screen – “…humans are complicated beasts.”

  • ‘My Friend Pinto’ is worth the smile it generates – but so much more seems to be left undone. The songs in the movie are great, the actors so perfectly sweet and the chaos all pervading. But as a whole – the movie gives nothing great to take home.

  • The six people in the audience were more excited at the interval than it the climax. Enough said!

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