• So, well tried Anubhav Sinha and all the best. But you need to stretch some more to touch the bar that is being set higher with time. 

  • Hirani, undoubtedly, knows which tale to tell. He knows how to tell it and who to tell it with.

  • Don’t bother with reports of soft opening; don’t miss this…

  • It’s unfair to expect Mehta to know all answers, but perhaps the writer duo could have created a few more poignant moments. Omerta is a film true to its intent, which will benefit many by its record-keeping. But yes, that feeling of wanting to know more and have more cinematic moments lingers.

  • But cinema is not just about a story, and Majidi doesn’t depend on characters alone. He uses the city, its symbols and turns everyday things into tropes – curtains that become screens, linen that screens violence, walls that keeps memories etched, pigeons who make your home theirs … they create a resonance throughout the movie. That’s what holds Beyond the Clouds together and stays with you beyond the theatre.

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