• Cream of the crop, Dangal seats itself on the throne among the best in the bag of Bollywood biopics.

    Don’t you dare miss it, warna dangal hoga!

  • In his trademark style, KJo brings the curtains down in high spirits, promising 100 percent entertainment on your platter. It’s time to gorge on the movie, spread love and light in the festive mood and celebrate Ae Dil Ki Diwali!

  • The action espionage comes to a fall owing to its shaky script and nonsensical twists. As soon as you start to get some faith back in the story, it disarms your thoughts with absurd idiosyncrasies. 
    One thing that shines from the first frame to the last scene is the brilliant cinematography and photography.

  • The film could have left a lasting impression, but it loses the golden opportunity to climb up the ladder due to a few missteps.

  • It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you would want the makers to go back in time and ‘fix’ the errors in making the film. Flawed it may be, but movie buffs can surely go for an ek baar dekho splurge, if not a baar baar dekho spree.

  • The violent scenes are spooky enough to haunt your thoughts and run through your mind for many days to come.

  • Although quite predictable, what truly works for the movie is the fact that the climax follows a logic and reason instead of being too dramatic or not-so-believable.
    If you’re looking for a chance to scratch your brain, TE3N might be the right choice for the weekend!

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