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A grandfather, police officer and a priest join hands to investigate and find a missing child.Wikipedia

Te3n Reviews


Even if you do end up predicting the climax, it’s an engaging journey following all the clues and dodging the red herrings. Dasgupta’s efficient direction and an inherently riveting plot (thank you Korean film Montage, whose official remake this is!) ensure that you’re consistently invested in the outcome of the investigation. The film is as much about old age, guilt, redemption, and the morality of revenge.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


TE3N is a case of sadly missed opportunities. Because there are rousing actors in here, and there’s a real city to play it all out in. Kolkata is a perfect location for a film like this with its atmospheric patches and the iconic Howrah-Hoogly vistas, reminding you of producer Sujoy Ghosh’s far more engaging ‘Kahaani’, but how a man clad in a dark hoody ( in sultry Kolkata) manages to move around those streets so freely remains an unsolvable mystery.

Raja Sen


Overall, like the Calcutta police station that features a library of audio cassettes full of ransom demands -- a shelf of kidnapper mixtapes, if you will -- TE3N feels like it was put together by people who didn't know where things should go.Amitabh Bachchan is excellent, no question.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


TE3N catches you by the neck and keeps you engrossed till the end credits. Amitabh’s superlative form is just one of the incentives to watch it. TE3N has enough to make you like it.

Mehul S Thakkar
Deccan Chronicle


Watch it for the raw display of human drama and the realistic approach to many situations which has been missing at the movies for sometime now.

It isn’t an edge-of-the-seat humdinger. The motivations of its key characters are at times rather fuzzy. And it suffers from a pronounced Kahaani hangover (which is not surprising given that director Sujoy Ghosh is the producer). But Te3n is never less than eminently watchable.

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


The film's ability to maintain the suspense right till the end makes it a must-watch for those who like whodunnits. However, a better pace could have lifted this film a notch higher.

Despite having a lot of things going for it, “Te3n” doesn’t pass the first test of a thriller – it doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


If you want to see a really good suspense film, see Montage. But if you are allergic to subtitles and in the mood for a Hindi film, then maybe go see this.


TE3N, however, is no Kahaani. It is at best a hotchpotch of a film that could have been so much better. Watch it though. For the brilliant acting.

Te3n is a thriller that fails to keep you engaged to the last bit thanks to its predictability.

TE3N, despite being a whodunit thriller, suffers extremely because of its slow pace and weak screenplay. At the box-office it will be unable to connect with its target audience.


Te3n serves up enough thrills to hook you on. Director Ribhu Dasgupta's second movie is just about as good as taut thrillers can be. There's a directorial control and finesse that make this film engaging and well worth a watch.


...after lack of thrills and glaring loopholes like the silence of the child during the climax, TE3N is a watchable flick if you go without carrying the baggage of high expectations of a thrilling 'Kahani' post KAHAANI. It will struggle to make its space in the midst of the reigning blockbusters but those who hate crap in the name of entertainment and loyalists of Mr. Bachchan will find something for them this weekend.

Even though this film is a remake of a Korean film, 'Montage', full marks to Ribhu Dasgupta for giving it a strong local flavour, with familiar and comfortable sights and sounds.

Subhash K Jha


Te3n grips us from the first frame. It is a thriller with a heart, soul and  most exceptionally, a conscience.

Audience Reviews for Te3n

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Since 2013, I'm sure I have seen at least 5 films that are based on the topic of self-righteous crime where the protagonist takes law into his own hands and embarks upon a journey to make peace with a certain crime that has affected his life. Ribhu Dasgupta's middling thriller is just that, plus a little slow.

    John (Bachchan) is an aged, grief-stricken man whose granddaughter was kidnapped and subsequently killed by an unknown man 8 years ago. He had done all that he could to save the kid's life, including doing what he was told to do by the police, led by the unskilled detective Martin (Siddiqui). Presently, he has still not gotten over the incident and has resolved to attain justice, if not revenge. So he sets out, rather courageously and convincingly, racing back in time to decode what really happened. He seeks the help of Martin, who is now a padre at a local church after leaving police force and much more skilled at it. But more than he can help John find his granddaughter's killer, he assists Sarita (Balan), a detective who is investigating a kidnap case eerily similar to the one he handled 8 years ago...

    The premise is fine and is set in the enigmatic state of Kolkata. But what affects the narrative is the dull execution. John is crestfallen, yes, but the aura that encapsulates him, and for that matter, every other character in the film, is very thin, and made of clouds which make everything look they are superficial. Not to mention the slow pace of the first half. The writers have given more importance and screen time to the lead actor than what was necessary, throwing the narration partially under the bus. This makes the plot look like it is only a pillion rider without a helmet.

    What a man can and will do to finally attain peace during testing times is what the primary theme of the film is. Taking the law into his own hands, simultaneously teasing the law-enforcers about their incapability and callousness, is what John explicitly engages in throughout the film. There are few loopholes in the film, which also raises questions about ethics and rationalism, but that is exactly what Mr. Dasgupta wanted to raise. For that, I'll give him a firm handshake. But it's because of the tepid execution that I will restrict the engagement time of that handshake to half of what I generally would.

    Bachchan is terrific, but I must confess that his baritone voice can sometimes become inaudible to follow, no matter the media. Balan's is introduced as a cameo, but she has enough screen space to be a curious cop and to engage in top-layer and superfluous chemistry with Martin, whose celibacy is in question then. Supporting actors are good, especially Sabyasachi Chakrabarty.

    A good score and average camera work further makes the film watchable for people who love thriller mysteries. But the predictability of the plot again forces me to remind potential viewers that, overall, the film is mediocre, but better than Wazir (2016).

    BOTTOM LINE: Ribhu Dasgupta's Te3n is an average attempt at a crime thriller where the protagonist mocks the police and gets away with crime just because his cause is a good one. Wait for DVD, and then rent it. And then forever lapse into a reverie thinking about the meaning of the title.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    June 12, 16
  • Rushabh Shah
    Rushabh Shah
    1 review

    The movie is like a slow poison, slowly it takes your hold,grows on you and till climax it has completely gripped you.

    Story is unique, and ...its suspense thriller so i cant tell u much

    Coming to performances,Amitabh has ensured a long list of awards to his Kitty(Might be National award too),Nawaz and vidya dont let you down.
    Cinematography and Background score gets brownie points too.

    PS: First half is slightly slow but dont worry in interval, second half especially last 30 mins will keep you right on edge of the seat.

    June 10, 16