• While the film is shot beautifully, it’s the story that falls flat mainly because it is packed with too much randomness in the name of art and intensity. There is an instance when Jacqueline comments on bad films, ”One should end the film if headed in the wrong direction.” If only the director had followed his own advice!

  • The predictability of narrative extends to the action sequences as well. By the end of the film, one can literally predict the next punch or kick in the highly stylized action sequences. Pintoo’s motivations to save Radhika are never established in the two hours forty minutes and what we are left with is a highly generic Johnny Bravo type hero and a villain who vows not to put his pants on till he finds the girl. Ofcourse ‘Tevar’ has every ingredient a Bollywood masala film requires but it is heavily marred by its predictability.

  • Jessabelle is just another in a long line of scary stories that have been coming out on a nearly weekly basis, and while it may be more inventive than something like ‘Ouija’, it still doesn’t amount to be anything more than a forgettable thriller that will hopefully result in more work for its lead actress. This horror story squanders a charismatic performance from Sarah Snook, as the wheelchair-bound shut-in an old rickety house so decrepit it could only be on the cover of a paperback.

  • For most parts, ‘Ouija’ feels like a cheap thrill .You are likely to see people dressed up for Halloween who are scarier than the ghosts and spirits on display in ‘Ouija’.

  • Sonali Cable has a bunch of sincere actors who are lumped with a scrappy narrative. The laughs are unintentional, the swag flops and eventually all that remains is just a bad film, which is hard to sit through.

  • ETKS is strictly a one-time watch if you have to choose among the host of films that have released this week simply because of its noble intentions and great acting jobs.

  • Although the film has a few good songs to its credit, but the force injection of commercial factors and resorting to Bollywood’s ideas of horror movies, makes ‘3AM’ another mediocre attempt. You can watch ‘3AM’ but there is nothing new, nothing great or nothing specific to recommend it for.

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