• Snag is that both in the writing and the direction, the topic doesn’t move beyond mouthing the age-old cliches. Which is why ‘Singh Saab the Great’ leaves you stone cold, despite all that oil, fire and brimstone. Worth a skip.

  • Bhaag, people, bhaag, far away from this kotha woman. She and every geek, goblin and goblin surrounding her in this travesty may compel you to gnash your teeth, cry out loud and curse yourself for having ventured into this absurd geegaw, that could well qualify for the award of the Worst Film of the Year.

  • However, it’s Deepika Padukone whom the film belongs to. Looking drop dead gorgeous and going at her part with a wallop, she’s the prime asset of ‘Ram-Leela’. Eminently worth a dekko.

  • …you’re subjected to one quick scene after quicker scene, jumping around like a mob of kangaroos.
    Result: you come out blank.

  • Shahid will not be forgotten. Catch the film right now.

  • Throughout, direction-wise Kashyap appears to be hell-bent on making a statement – that masala is all that matters. A measure of control could have been exercised, though, especially during the finale which stretches on till kingdom come. Redeemingly, the end-credit titles are a zinger.

  • The tortoise-paced temp, the absolutely bizarre finale, and the unconvincing performances (save for the impressive Manjari Phadnis as Lady Romantic) compel you to rush out from the auditorium and drown –your sorrows in drink.

  • Bullets fly every few seconds. By the end, it’s impossible to count how many people have died; it’s much easier to count who’s still alive.

  • What stays in the mind at the end of ‘The Lunchbox’ is pretty much what stays in mind at the end of a memorable set by jazzmen – not their lapses but the heights they scale.

    Bottomline: Bon appetit! Miss this sumptuous movie, at your own peril.

  • ‘John Day’ can’t be described as an admirable work. It is certainly not meant for the squeamish or the ‘Chennai Express’ constituency. Yet, neither is it dismissable as an average, formula thriller. It has it engaging moments. And of course, Mr Shah to remind you that acting can save the day, ‘John Day’.

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