• All said and endured, here’s the sort of average product which is immune to criticism. Say anything you honestly feel, down the decades it has been huffed – so what? That doesn’t make a jot of a difference. Correct. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t express your take. You may be in a minority of one or two, but you can’t help feeling that Salman Khan, like most of his peers, could do with immediate re-invention. Repetition and excess can sell. Unpleasant question: but for how long?

  • ‘Miss Lovely’ is just a load of xxx-cess. Skip!

  • …isn’t likely to catch any sane viewer’s fancy. It’s best deleted as two hours misspent.

  • Tigmanshu Dhulia is best when he opts for content drawn for reality instead of flying off into an absurd land where everyone detests one another with a vengeance. Thodasa control kijiye, brother! Make cinema, not bullets.

  • Snag is that both in the writing and the direction, the topic doesn’t move beyond mouthing the age-old cliches. Which is why ‘Singh Saab the Great’ leaves you stone cold, despite all that oil, fire and brimstone. Worth a skip.

  • Bhaag, people, bhaag, far away from this kotha woman. She and every geek, goblin and goblin surrounding her in this travesty may compel you to gnash your teeth, cry out loud and curse yourself for having ventured into this absurd geegaw, that could well qualify for the award of the Worst Film of the Year.

  • …you’re subjected to one quick scene after quicker scene, jumping around like a mob of kangaroos.
    Result: you come out blank.

  • The tortoise-paced temp, the absolutely bizarre finale, and the unconvincing performances (save for the impressive Manjari Phadnis as Lady Romantic) compel you to rush out from the auditorium and drown –your sorrows in drink.

  • Bullets fly every few seconds. By the end, it’s impossible to count how many people have died; it’s much easier to count who’s still alive.

  • Without a doubt, Prakash Jha — a perennial political complaint box — offers nothing new either by way of content or style. How you’d like insights and information, from him, which you don’t know already. That would amount to excellent cinema, and not just one more star-fuelled trip into a political void. Suggestion: avoid.

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