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Shahid is a movie based on the life of lawyer and human rights activist, Shahid Azmi, who was assassinated in 2010 in Mumbai.Wikipedia

Shahid Reviews


The film itself is brave and unflinching, and oozes the kind of sincerity that you long for in most Hindi films. I'm going with four out of five for Hansal Mehta's 'Shahid'. Well made, and gripping till the very end.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


If Mehta directs unsparingly, Raj Kumar Yadav acts unflinchingly. His Shahid is a man who grows in front of us, the audience. He does a course correction and changes direction. For a Hindi film protagonist, this kind of arc is rare. So is this story, which calls a spade a shovel, and names names.

Khalid Mohamed
Deccan Chronicle


Shahid will not be forgotten. Catch the film right now.

Anupama Chopra


Ultimately however, Shahid is Raj Kumar’s triumph. His Shahid has strength, anguish and a controlled anger but also real charm. His smile lights up the frame.See Shahid for him. I’m going with three and a half stars.

Shahid, after all, is the story of every Indian citizen who gets overwhelmed by their own circumstances, go astray and yet come back to do what their conscience asks them to do.Don't miss the film.

Go and watch the film – it is one of the most important films to come out of Mumbai in a long, long time. Shahid deserves more than just a standing ovation. It deserves accolades for standing up to be counted and narrating the kind of story that is usually buried under mainstream media cacophony.

Madhureeta Mukherjee
Times Of India


Raj Kumar is superb; he peels layers to strip to the core of his character. He magnifies the most intense scenes with sheer brilliance of an understated, realistic performance. It warrants applause. And an unadulterated encore. Catch it if real cinema is what you crave.

Tushar Joshi
DNA India


Shahid shakes you from within compelling you to think, something not many films can boast of doing these days. A compulsory watch for anyone who relishes intelligent cinema.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


Clearly Hansal Mehta has put in his best and has managed to touch the right chord with the viewer. This is his best work so far!Shahid will take you by surprise. Book your tickets now because a film like this is rare! It's a must watch!


Shahid Azmi should be one of the most memorable dissidents of recent times and Hansal Mehta’s film Shahid does justice in paying the perfect tribute to the slain activist! Quite aptly named, Sahid did turn out to be an angel for many who were serving years behind the bars based on needless false accusations! The film is a gripping-ly told story of courage that ends on a pertinent note teaching us the crucial lesson about the dichotomy of right and wrong. It is extremely essential in a multifaceted country like ours to be fair and the film subtly preaches the diktats of the man – the film pays tribute to – who was haplessly slain at the tender age of 32! It is a captivating film that makes me assign a 3.5/5 for this one! Some stories have that enchanting quality in them and Shahid stands as one of the potent examples in recent times.

Faheem Ruhani
India Today


An honest film made on a difficult subject like this is rare to find. Not many in the Bollywood factory would want to touch a subject like this. Do yourself a favour - watch Shahid, you will come out enriched!

Suhani Singh
India Today


Traditionally, Bollywood is known to turn biopics into hagiographic accounts of the subjects. But Shahid stops short of hero worship and is a fitting tribute to an inspiring figure.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


SHAHID is a brave film. Its gripping story, exceptional execution and bravura performances continue to reverberate much after the screening is over. Strongly recommended!

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


Full credit goes to Hansal Mehta and his team for crafting a superior film. Apart from the screenplay, it is the acting which deserves an applause. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub as the brother is a natural born actor and surely we'll see more of him in the days to come. The star though is Raj Kumar Yadav who had delivered one of the best performances of the year. Shahid deals with issues that concern all of us, those who are concerned about any such things, should not miss this film.

Rummana Ahmed
Yahoo! India


... is a compelling story, intense and engaging, definitely a must watch.


Book your tickets, first day, first show! Cinema at its best.

Audience Reviews for Shahid

  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
    82 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    An Important Story, Great Execution & Direction.It's Dark Brave Gripping.

    May 10, 16
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
    94 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Shahid. Movies like Shahid are made because some stories are important and should be told with utmost honesty possible. Hansal Mehta does an excellent job with a touching and thought provoking story in his hands.

    Rajkumar Rao playing Shahid, first a victim and then a savior, is exceptional. Court room drama is kept simple but still succeeds in thrilling you. Family drama is there but is kept concise so that you are not distracted from the main issue. All supporting actors provide ample support to the narrative. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub playing Shahid's over burdened brother is excellent. A water tight screenplay, authentic setup, the right length, the serious tone, all make Shahid a mini masterpiece.

    I am going with fantastic 8 out of 10 for Shahid. Watch it with patience, watch it for its relevance and watch it because some movies are worth watching for their honest story.

    November 25, 14
  • Bubbly
    41 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    This is the one. It is one among us. If anyone wishes to see India, s/he should see its middle-class. For that is where changes happen largely. No society can say it is rich or poor for its belly constitutes the middle order and that is where the true opinion comes from. And the Indian middle-order has the clean, bare and stark look that doesn't need gloss and hits you right in the middle.

    You can imprison a body but not the spirit. It is free of all needs and want. A true human being is independent of any religious affiliations. It works for every other human.

    SHAHID traces the true story of slain human rights activist and lawyer Shahid Azmi. From attempting to become a terrorist to being wrongly imprisoned under a draconian anti-terrorism law to becoming a criminal lawyer, SHAHID traces the inspiring personal journey of a boy who became an unlikely messiah for human rights while following the rise of communal violence in India. This story of an impoverished Muslim struggling to come to terms with injustice, inequality and rising above his circumstances is an inspiring testament to the human spirit.

    Raj Kumar Yadav brings out this middle-class angst. He is not playing a role, he is living it. He is Shahid. The torture comes alive through him. His life has been wasted. He has been wrongly implicated. How will the society accept him? But he flows against the tide and shows if one is determined, then the world is his oyster. To keep sanity, when everything is going wrong is portrayed so vividly that the viewer feels it is a piece of everyday life. There is no crass glamour. The courtroom drama and false verdicts are portrayed as they are delivered. But the system produces someone to counter it. Could anyone have played it better than Yadav? The answer lies in will there be another movie of SHAHID's calibre?

    Credit should also be given to director Hansal Mehta for having the conviction to go ahead with the project and bringing out a gem that will be appreciated for ages to come. He makes the viewer live through the movie and come out hopeful. This year cardboard heroes were rejected. And larger than-life-movies bit the dust. But the middle class hero came alive with KAI PO CHE (Sushant Singh Rajput) and SHAHID continues the trend for Yadav. The Indian hero has arrived.

    If you want to steel your determination and live as per your convictions, then go ahead and see how life can turn out for a junooni. Akela chana bhaad phod sakta hai. There is nothing right or wrong. There is only a middle-path. And that could be fatal too. Will you take a chance? I did. I watched the movie. I identified with Yadav's portrayal. The movie shines solely due to his presence. Rest everything is inconsequential. And can only say,

    Uchhal kar woh nahin chalte, jo maahir hon kisi fan mein
    Chhalak jaate hain paimaane, hamesha chhote bartan mein.

    Small movie. Big impact. The arrival of a middle-class hero, where the spirit of India lies. Get going.

    October 20, 13
  • Ayush
    6 reviews

    Now this is called a movie. The theme of the movie is completely different and is worth watching. Please do not think the 123 minutes of the movie to be waste.

    December 19, 15