• The only problem with Piku was that it ended. Yet it ended just like the rest of the film – in perfection. You felt full, satiated and still willing to squeeze in one more delicious bite if offered. I can’t think of a reason to take even half a star away. 5 stars.

  • What’s with Govinda being the scene stealer in two back to back films and not being given enough scenes to steal. His ability to laugh at himself full throttle meant I couldn’t look at anyone else when he was on screen. More of him and the slobbish Yogi and I’d be recommending this film. In it’s current state, go see it if you’ve seen all the hollywood offerings because it is meant purely for us multiplexers.

  • It’s these superfluous sex scenes and the appalling acting by the girls (except the delicate Feryna Wazheir playing Frenny) that just destroyed this otherwise interesting and smoothly told tale. By adding (because they really do seem lathered on top) these dispensable, obvious moments of lust, the film cheapens itself and stops feeling like an artistic A-grade take on the life of a world class artist that it should and could have been.

  • It’s been a while since I had an LOL moment in the cinema. Watching letchy comedy, The Shaukeens made me want to ROFL more than a few times.

  • This film is not only a terrible missed opportunity but also an utter waste of heart wrenching performances and a beyond perfect costume and production design.

  • Khoobsurat is the fairytale you want to be in!

  • I came out feeling unsatiated. I wanted to sink my teeth into the complex and tragic lives of these oddballs, I wasn’t given that chance, there just wasn’t enough meat.

  • What Mary Kom lacks in craft makes up for in soul…

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